Talking about the interview on Radio 21; You said you had considered touring with Recoil and using live projections which would feature the singers who worked with Recoil but that it would have been too difficult to set up. Can you explain why it was impossible.

Not impossible but as you can imagine, a logistical nightmare to perform in a conventional manner, ie. with a band and all the different singers. You could never get them all together in the same place at the same time and then there would be the sound of egos clashing all over the place! As I've said before, the only way to take Recoil on the road would be in a very different format, perhaps using film but again, that would be complicated and expensive to produce.

Are you planning to tour with Recoil?

I have no plans to tour with Recoil in the near future for 2 main reasons. Firstly, I spent many years on the road with DM and although there were definite aspects I enjoyed very much, at this point in my musical and personal life, the drudgery and stress of constant travelling and hotel life, far outweighs them. Secondly, the nature of the Recoil project which involves a number of guest vocalists (some with other musical commitments of their own) and the multi-instrumental features of the music, makes live performance particularly complicated. However, I never say 'never' so there's still hope...;-)

If you were to tour again, would you do any U.S.A. shows (Los Angeles)?


If you were to go on the road, would the wife and kid come with?

Yes probably. Even on the road, I have to have someone to verbally abuse, pick up my dirty underwear and wash my socks.