Is Reprise releasing the new album?

No. Reprise and I have decided to part company which I think is a very good thing for Recoil. The new LP will be released in America by Mute US, which I am very happy about. Mute US are much more geared up to deal with the kind of music Recoil produces and have considerable experience in marketing more unusual records.

When, in 1995, you decided to continue only with your solo project Recoil, what was there 'for and against' choosing Mute as your record label? Were there any other considerations or offers? Are you currently satisfied with this collaboration?

I already had a very favourable deal with Mute (a roll-over from my DM days) and a good relationship. I knew Dan Miller very well and thought that he'd support me in whatever I wanted to do - whether it was commercial or not. I like being with Mute for all these reasons and also because they're a respected and diverse independent label. The only downside is that they don't have the funds to just 'throw' money at projects (like the majors tend to) for advertising etc. which can be frustrating when you are trying to increase awareness.

Ever consider starting your own label, 'Shunt Produkt'? Those of us in 'indie-label land' would , of course, fondly support you!

Most unlikely. It's as much as I can do to keep on top of my own product, let alone anyone else's. Also, I've seen what it's done to Dan Miller ;-)

Reprise was awful at distributing your CD.

They're weren't that good....

They sent 1 copy (if only) to each store which was sometimes not even categorised by Recoil (sometimes it was in DM or in Electronica Misc). I just don't want to be screwed again when the next album comes out. Also what's interesting is that my friend bought his CD which was CLEAR, with no writing on the actual disc. Is there anyone I can address this matter to at Reprise?

The category thing is not necessarily Reprises' problem. Indeed, it could be argued that those are better places to initially place the records. The shops themselves usually make those decisions. They are also responsible for how many copies they order and they don't like to take risks (they might get left with unsold stock). The problem is that Reprise didn't spend any money on promotion or create any vibe about the record in the first place. Consequently, nobody was anticipating it, the shops didn't order and so the vicious circle is in place - you can't get shops to order records if people don't buy them but you can't sell records in the first place if they're not in the shops. (We have the same problem in England).

It's extremely frustrating to know there is a demand but no outlet. I don't really know who would be personally responsible at Reprise for matters such as these. As I've said, Recoil is difficult for them. It doesn't fit nicely into a bag. They obviously took a view that they weren't prepared to work 'UM' but instead would just throw it out there.

Did you know that Intercord released a small amount of wrongly pressed 'Drifting' CD Singles ('Drifting' tracks together with the 2nd Spice Girls Album)? I think Paris would love this combination :-)

No I didn't know this. Could be very shrewd marketing? When two become one, I suppose.

Do you have any particular beef or gripe regarding Reprise here in the States? It seems to most DM and Recoil fans that they're always botching release dates, never giving proper publicity / airplay or really any substantial promotion. I know DM and Recoil have never really done full media blitzes here and I was just wondering if that had been on your part or just Reprise "dropping the ball"?

The efforts of Reprise on the last Recoil LP were disappointing to me for many reasons - some of which I've already talked about in this Forum. I was ready and willing to do lots of promotion in the U.S. - they came up with three telephone interviews with technical magazines. I don't say it's an easy job to promote Recoil but I would have appreciated an attempt.

Does Mute hold an annual party for all their artists where you can drink the night away with Vince Clarke etc.?

The Mute Xmas bash - which is really for the staff. Artists are always invited as well.... and you get two free drinks thrown in - phew !!

Are you or Mute planning to have any parties for your next album? The DM parties have been pretty good and your web site has proven there would be enough people interested.

Mute throw a party for Recoil? I should be so lucky. The DM parties are a joint affair. They are held to try and create publicity but they also end up costing the band and Mute a FORTUNE!

How about an editorial special later this year about the Mute building with some nice Pics?

Why? It's just a red building on the most uninteresting road in North London. Inside are a load of desks and office equipment. The plumbing is fascinating though.

For your next release will you forgo the hideous Reprise marketing scheme (or lack thereof) and go directly with Mute U.S.?

Not sure yet. It's very definitely in my mind though. It would be interesting to see if Reprise could be any more inept. Apparantly, their latest cock-up is to print the CD booklet inside out so that the cover is completely different.

Do you know if there is a song called 'Warm Latharet' or something like that from The Mormal (produced I think in the late 70' -early 80's) I've heard this song around 10 years ago.

It was the very first record released by Mute. The Normal, is or was, Dan Miller and the song was called 'Warm Leatherette'. For further information, go to Media - features and see the article 'The Band', which has an interview with Dan.

With all the problems that Reprise is currently having in releasing your singles in the States, I was wondering perhaps in the future, if you would consider dropping them and sign on to Mute in the U.S.?

My U.S. contract (which is basically a roll-over from my DM days) means that only Reprise have the option to decide whether or not to take the next Recoil L.P. If they do take up the option, I have no choice but to allow them to release the record (or just sit on it) and they in turn, must pay me a certain advance for each album.

Which Mute artists interest you the most?

I like various bits and pieces, especially Diamanda Galas and some of the NovaMute dance lot. Unfortunately a lot of my favourites like Nitzer Ebb and Renegade Soundwave are no longer in existence.

Apart from DM, Doug (and Nitzer Ebb), Moby, Barry Adamson and Erasure, what other MUTE artists do you personally know? Do you know, for example, Diamanda Galas?

I met Diamanda once a long time ago. I know Danny and Gary from Renegade Soundwave, I've met some members of Neubauten and Nick Cave's band., Frank Tovey and various others. Mute is a very incestuous company and being located in a small building with it's own studios, it is not uncommon for the artists to bump into one another.

Considering you've worked with various artists connected to Mute, have you ever considered working with some of the others on the label? A few that come to mind would be: Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Blixa Bargeld, Anita Lane, Simon Bonney or even Rowland S. Howard.

I don't really know Nick Cave and his mob very well but I heard a rumour that he detests DM so I'm not too sure how they'd feel about Recoil.

Many of those who have remixed for Depeche Mode and Recoil (Renegade Soundwave, Spirit Feel, Barry Adamson, Plastikman) are themselves Mute artists. Were you ever encouraged or even pressurised by Mute to use artists from the label in order to raise their profile?

These remixers are often suggested by Daniel, Roland or Pepe from Mute. You can draw your own conclusions ;-). They are never forced on us though. I think it's inevitable (and quite nice) that there are some in-house collaborations.