Alan Wilder is happy to announce a new line in Recoil t-shirts for those fans who want to wear their allegiance on their sleeve!

The designs have been overseen by Alan Wilder in conjunction with Jesse Holborn and co-ordinated by Roland Brown through Slipstream Merchandise.

The shirts have been manufactured with style and longevity in mind. We have sourced the very best jersey cotton fabrics and chosen a more sophisticated and contemporary cut in keeping with the Recoil message. The result of this quality control and attention to detail will be reflected in the price but we hope you will agree that it is worth paying for a garment that will last and still be a pleasure to wear after repeated washes.

For the time being, designs and colours are limited but if demand increases we hope to be able to expand the line and possibly move into other areas of merchandising. Please send us your feedback regarding your preferred designs and sizes as well as your suggestions for other items you might like to see in the future.

Please bear with us during the start up period. Until we can gauge the response, our suppliers may not always have stock immediately available. Your continued feedback will help us to run this venture smoothly and efficiently.

Enter the store...