Just as 'Black Celebration' can be remembered for closing one chapter on Depeche Mode, 'Music For The Masses' can equally be seen as the catalyst for the many changes that were to come. In some ways it's a pivotal record. Firstly, this was the only album recorded by DM and Tears For Fears producer Dave Bascombe (whose role was more that of an engineer) and is perhaps the nearest to a self-produced LP than any before or indeed since. It also saw a more substantial period of pre-production at Alan's home studio in North London before moving to a commercial studio.

Daniel Miller was initially asked about the level of his contribution but declined to be involved in the production side of the record, citing his concerns over the tension that manifested itself during the previous two albums and, as he saw it, the need for some fresh input. Musically too, another day had dawned. The metal-bashing was toned down in favour of more musical experimentation - "I think we had used up our quota of metallic sounds by that stage. There are only so many ways you can hit a pipe with a hammer."