I decided to expand and fill in some blanks on my selection of favourite albums which recently appeared in an on-line magazine.

Most favourite albums will signify particular points in one's life, which is why a lot of the records I've chosen come from a similar period - from late 60's to late 70's, when I was at my most impressionable. The 70's was a time when I was maturing, when I began to learn my craft working at a commercial studio as well as playing in bands, and when I ventured away from home.

As well as including a little sourced background info on each album, I have tried to reflect upon and describe their importance to me, and perhaps give a little insight into my own musical history at the same time.

I am obviously nostalgic but hopefully don't view these with my lager goggles on. For me, each stands the test of time and, like a fine wine, have matured and even improved with age. So I hope you enjoy this selection. If you aren't familiar with some of these iconic releases, get out there and get yourself a copy immediately!

Alan Wilder