Cat No. : CDMute232
01. Strange Hours [Edit]
02. Jezebel [Filthy Dog Mix]
03. New York Nights
04. Don't look back
05. Strange Hours [Video]
06. Drifting [Video]
07. Stalker [Video]
08. Faith Healer [Video]

Produced by Alan Wilder
Additional production and sound design by PK
Production assistance and co-ordination by H. Sessa
Recorded and Mixed at The Thin Line, Sussex

01. Vocals by Diamanda Galàs
02. Vocals by The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartett
03. Vocals by Samantha Coerbell
04. Vocals by Sonya Madan
05. Directed by Michael Williams (Intro)
06. Directed by John Clayton (Swivel Films)
07. Directed by Alex Coburn (Activate Films)
08. Directed by Angela Conway (State Films)