01. Firtsly, can you tell us how the Recoil project came about?

02. So perhaps it wouldn't have become a full time thing if you hadn't left Depeche Mode?

03. So why did you leave Depeche Mode then?

04. How would you compare the working methods you employ now to how you've worked in the past?

05. What did you consider were the pros and cons of sticking with Recoil?

06. So, how does the music come together?

07. Do you ever get surprised by what you come out with ?

08. What would you say is the overriding mood of your music and where do you think it comes from?

09. How does this insinctive approach relate to your classical training?

10. Can you explain the role of your guest vocalists on this project?

11. So who did you use this to time around?

12. Isn't it a bit risky to use unknown people?

13. Siobhan Lynch sings on the first single 'Drifting', tell us more about her, and other singers?

14. What exactly werer you looking for from each of them, what were the guidlines?

15. Perhaps you could tell us about some of themes?

16. Where did the title come from and how does it relate to the end results?

17. Do you keep up with the current music scene?

18. Would you ever consider writing music for a soundtrack?

19. People say you have a trademark sound. Can you describe what you think it is?

20. How do you approach the question of sampling. What's your view on it?

21. Is making music a kind of therapy for you?

22. How do you plan to promote this project?

23. Do you have any touring plans?

24. Finally, what are your own expectations for this record?