01. BBC Radio 3 - Mixing It

On 25th March 2000, Alan was a guest on BBC Radio 3's much respected, crossover music show, 'Mixing It'. Featuring more progressive contemporary musicians and composers, the programme was hosted by Robert Sandall + Mark Russell.

02. Radio21

Broadcast on 19th January, Alan spoke to Rudy Leonet for Belgium's Radio 21. As far as we can gather, Rudy is the Belgian equivalent of Britain's John Peel and has been a big supporter of Recoil for a number of years.

03. 1Live - Kultkomplex (in German)

In 2000, Alan was a guest on Radio 1Live.

04. Radio Eins - Electro Beats (in German)

First Hour : Second Hour

RADIO EINS On April 12th 2000, Berlin's Radio 1 broadcasted a 2-hour Recoil special. The programme, entitled 'Electro Beats', was hosted by Olaf Zimmermann and featured a long interview with Alan.