Additional Recoil Sites

Recoil MySpace

The Official Recoil MySpace Page.

Recoil Blog

This is an assembly point for all Recoil news, releases and so on. Please register yourself there and use the 'share' function for spreading the news.

Recoil Facebook

For a very different social networking experience, Recoil also has an official Facebook page. Facebook is very easy to use, offers plenty of bolt-on applications, and can be as open or as private as you wish to make it.

iTune's Ping

We are sure that this new social networking hub will become a vital addition, and that it won't be long before PING becomes integrally linked with Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and all other networks.

Shunt Mobile

A version of the Shunt news section optimized for viewing on mobile phones.

Recoil YouTube Channel

Recoil has its own YouTube channel.  Subscribe to receive updates whenever new films are added, and interact with other members.

Recoil iLike

Recoil has its own iLike account.

Recoil Myspace Sites

Recoil MySpace English

The Official Recoil MySpace Page. Set up by The Shunt Staff.

Recoil MySpace German

Dies ist die deutsche Recoil Myspace Site. Eingerichtet von Thomas Köckeis und Oliver Thiede.

Recoil Myspace Italian

Questo č il sito myspace di Recoil italiano. Creato da Angela Spadola.

Recoil Myspace French

Ceci est le mySpace français de Recoil. Maintenu par Bruno Ouvrein.

Recoil Myspace Hungarian

A Recoil magyar nyelvű myspace oldala. Szerkeszti Fábián István (Fabe).

Recoil Myspace Czech

Tohle je český myspace Recoil. Vedený Věrou Vaszilkievičovou a Veronikou Voseckou.

Recoil Myspace Brasil

'Essa é a página brasileira do Recoil no myspace. Criada por Alana.

Unofficial Recoil links

Black Box

Maintained by Oliver Thiede. An enthusiastic, comprehensive, well put together German-language site which mirrors the Shunt site. Oliver often has news up there before we do!

Note: Oliver doesn't get to update it quite as regularly as he used to since he is currently working on the Shunt website.

Maintained by Thomas Köckeis. From Austria, this site features a comprehensive Recoil discography based on Thomas' own private collection. Look out for some good trainspotter work in the 'trivia' section!


Maintained by Angela Spadola. A brand-new Italian site focusing on 'subHuman' and the promotional activities surrounding the release..


Maintained by Gilles Braz. In English and French. Re-vamped with loads of information..


Maintained by Steve Fabian. A comprehensive Recoil site in Hungarian, maintained by frequent Recoil party organizer Steve Fabian and Istvan Gyorgyi. - Recoil mini site

Maintained by Raphael Masse. With its running Black 'Juke' Box as accompaniment, this is an easy-to-navigate newly launched site based around the 'Liquid' multimedia disc.

Black Chrome

Maintained by Tibo. Another site from France. Good looking and easy to navigate.

Recoil - A Graphic Anthology

Maintained by Steve Fabian. Launched by long-time fan, 'Fabe'. Some of you will remember his drawings based on Recoil music which appeared in the Fan Of The Month section of Forum. Well, now you can view a whole lot more of his work, amongst other things.

Stalker - The Unofficial Recoil Website

Maintained by Igor, Jana and Pavel. A comprehensive site based around Shunt's design but with a distinctly Czech flavour (English language).

Mute Record's Recoil section

The official word from the record company. Mainly mail order, facts and figures.