Recoil-related design and other interesting recommendations

These are either directly Recoi-related or are worthy of recommendation.


The team that designed the award winning Recoil artwork for 'Unsound Methods' and 'Liquid' also delve into many other areas of media. For all you people outthere sweating over a hot computer and honing your multi-media skills, there's also a wide range of jobs on offer. Qualifications required range from HTML and JAVA programming skills through to creative marketing and, quite simply, ideas. The Intro site is mainly of interest to people who work in these areas. So if you're looking for some campaign strategy hints.....

Anton Corbijn

Photographer extraordinaire, Anton has been DM's visual guru since 1986. He now has an official site. Take a look at many of his great photos + videos and find out what he's currently up to..

Steve Moore Consultancy

Welcome to the future: a world in which the technology does what YOU want, rather than the other way round. SMC are specialists in one of the emerging technologies of the 21st Century - systems integration. They are experts in tying together audio, video, telephones, lighting control, security and other systems into a total solution - a world in which the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Design Holborn

Design Holborn is a print design operation with multiple capability. They work with the power and voltage of the image to create emotion on a wide range of projects. First the concept. second the form, and the rest is mechanics.