In terms of hardware, he chose to install an Apple G5 Dual 2.7 Ghz with 2 x 250Gb Serial ATA hard drives, 2 new 22" LCD displays and Digidesign's Pro Tools HD3 accel. With this, he ran the latest in digital audio software: Apple's Logic Pro 7.1 music creation and audio production package, Pro Tools 6.9, Ableton Live 5.0 and, amongst others, Waves Platinum TDM processing plug-In bundle.

"I spent the first 3 months just coming to terms with all the new gear, fiddling about with the software and getting to know Ableton Live which I ended up running as a slave, used mainly for time-stretching passages of performance and for its effects.  It’s a little soul destroying and frustrating just bringing yourself up to speed when all you really want to do is get stuck in."