Following a tedious and uncomfortable journey on the hugely overrated and criminally confusing Eurostar, JC, the French licensee from Labels (division of Virgin) met Alan, myself and Lucy at the main Paris terminal.

Once checked into our hotel, and having completed the 'screaming at the powerbook for half an hour because we couldn't get on-line' ritual, we relaxed by going out for a typically excellent French meal. Embarrassingly, as a result of the days boozing to relieve the monotony of the train journey, neither of us exactly lasted the pace - falling asleep in a bar afterwards.

Promotion included various press and internet interviews, photo shoots and a live chat with Canalchat. The final session of the day took us to a live radio show with Aligre FM - 93.1 where DJ, Vivian Morisson (a big Recoil fan) played 'Strange Hours', 'Want', 'Jezebel' and 'Last Call For Liquid Courage' as well as Johnny Dollar's Grungy Gonads remix of DM's 'Walking In My Shoes'. On a similar note we were pleased to be told that 'Jezebel' had been playlisted by Radio Nova.