Norwegian Recoil Fans


Following two days of train strain, Alan, Hep and Lucy were back on a plane - this time to Oslo where we were met by Norwegian licencee, Svein Bjorge.

After a quick hotel check-in, we were rushed off to attend a Recoil listening party at the 'So What' club.

The place was heaving with Recoil and Mode fans, all of whom were extremely friendly and most armed with their entire DM collection. A signing and handshaking frenzy ensued while the DJ played 'Want', 'Jezebel' (Filthy Dog mix) and 'Strange Hours'.

As is the devotional nature of Depeche Mode fans, some who couldn't be satisfied with a simple LP autograph, demanded that Alan scrawl his name across every available area of exposed flesh and soon a race to achieve total body coverage was underway - accompanied by shrieks of "I'm never going to wash again!"..... mmm, wouldn't like to bump into you in a few weeks time.