The first vocalist who agreed to travel halfway across the world in order to spend 5 days living in the middle of nowhere with people they know nothing about was Samantha Coerbell, a writer and spoken word performer. A native New Yorker with Trinidadian roots, she has been active on the NY poetry scene since 1991 and has performed with numerous musicians and writers. She holds a BFA in English Literature & Creative Writing from Brooklyn College.

In addition to providing guest vocals on various musical compilations, Sam also teaches creativity and performance workshops and has been a featured performer with Real Live Poetry in the US and Apples & Snakes in the UK. After hearing her perform on a spoken-word collection CD called 'Flippin' The Script', Alan was impressed by her unusual approach to poetry and descriptive language.

"I was immediately struck by her particular piece on the compilation. Not only the words but the delivery stood out from the crowd and I was sure that her style would suit some of the music I had already been working on. There was one track in particular which I initially spoke to her about. After our discussion, I decided to send her a ref. CD of 3 'work in progress' tracks to see if she could write something specifically to the music. When we came to the session, recording directly to hard disc, Sam actually found it easier for the most part to read her words without hearing the music. This actually suited me fine since I was intending to restructure everything within ProTools. There was also the advantage of achieving a very clean recording with no spillage from her headphones onto her mic."