Diamanda Galás, internationally acclaimed vocalist, pianist, composer and poet has performed worldwide since 1978. She is the creator of the theatrical performances 'The Plague Mass', 'Vena Cava' and 'Schrei X', as well as the concerts / recordings of 'Malediction and Prayer','Judgement Day' and 'Masque Of The Red Death'. An extraordinary singer of unparalleled emotional intensity, she performs with a purity of intent which leaves her listeners breathless.

Her voice is one moment serpentine, the next a juggernaut. The subjects she addresses are profound and terrible; her response - rage and grief - beautiful and cathartic. In 1996, Serpents Tail published 'The Shit Of God', a compilation of Galás' original performance texts and writing. In September1999, she gave the world premiere of 'Defixiones, Will and Testament' at the Gravensteen Castle in Ghent, Belgium.

When Diamanda eventually made it to Sussex, she came hot off the back of a hectic schedule of dates in Europe and was laden with luggage. The majority of this, we soon found out, was dedicated to transporting the entire contents of the Duty Free shop from each airport she had visited. "I'm addicted to buying toiletries and cosmetics" she confessed, as an array of face creams and mud packs tumbled onto the kitchen table, adding "....and I do a great facial!"