'People Are People' was the first track to benefit from a period of pre-programming to save studio time - even if it was done in a dodgy rehearsal room in Dollis Hill, North London.

"We would have finished it sooner except that some of the work had to be redone after the infamous incident when a particular member of the band turned up, only to trip over the main power cable and pull the plug."

The record was the most successful to date, reaching the top of the charts in Germany, number 4 in the UK and sizeably denting the US top 40. Achieving a German Number 1 really tipped the scales in Europe and set the ball rolling for DM to become the single biggest-selling pop act in that territory. As luck would have it, the same week in England the single was sitting at number 4 and the Mode were due to appear on the hugely influential 'Top Of The Pops' TV programme. Had it not been for the show's cancellation due to industrial action, the single would almost certainly have ensured the group's first number 1 hit in their own country.

"Not bad for a song whose rhyming hook - "People are people so why should it be, you and I should get along so awfully" - is a candidate for 'worst lyric ever written' - almost on a par with Culture Club's - - "War is naughty, really really naughty, and people that start them should go to bed early....."

Adrian Sherwood remixed two versions of the single, the second entitled 'Are People People'. The group were surprised to hear that it contained vocals not generated by the band:

"Adrian used to 'capture' sounds in an AMS delay unit to create many of his effects, which was quite unusual for the time. I suspect this was how he created the additional voices. To be honest, I find Adrian's stuff a bit hit or miss. There tends to be some inspired moments but also some disasters - all within the same mix. I remember when he came to Hansa to do the above mixes and due to his 'mind altered state' he required a large box of fuses because he'd blow the speakers every 5 minutes."