Rosa M. Torras, a Recoil fan from Barcelona, came to work with Recoil after she responded to a request from Alan for anyone to send in a recording of themselves speaking in their native language. Add more......

Q. What did it feel like to be a fan of an artist and then cross the invisible border to collaborate with them?

A. I don't think that happens very often and that is why, obviously, I feel very lucky. If I had not had internet access, I would have never found the Shunt web site, seen that there was a way to contact him or known he was interested in receiving unusual languages samples.

Q. What did you think of the tracks he asked you to put lyrics to?

A. I thought the music was very powerful and it reflects, in my opinion, the emotions I was trying to get across.

Q. What is your track 'Vertigen' about?

A. I had in mind a situation where someone experiences an extremely painful loss - the loss of ignorance - which was somehow deliberate and inevitable at the same time. Suddenly, the narrator finds this atmosphere highly oppressive. Even though she had felt in heaven and had never even imagined a better state of mind, she now feels a void and an irrepressible urge to obtain something more. Her ambition leads to desperation and great fear as she realises there is no possible return to her previous state - she foresees no end to her suffering.I think it's particularly interesting that the theme fits in so well with the overall aircrash concept of 'Liquid'. At the point in which 'Vertigen' occurs (in the middle of the album), the man, who has been re-living parts of his life, is suddenly jolted back into the present and aware of his impending death. The title, which means 'fear of falling' in Catalan, is therefore relevant to him at that precise moment and also in terms of his life and what has occured in the past. The track ends with the words 'I have fear of falling forever.

Rosa Torras appears on the following Recoil releases: